These photos were all taken to the north and west of Grand Junction Colorado near the Utah border.

"Distant Vista"

                                                      © 1998 W.D.CHASE

Blooms after the rain.  This Claret Cup Cactus, sometimes called the rose of the desert, and the flowers shown in the pictures below are only some of the many plants and animals that take hurried advantage of the life giving water that a storm brings to the desert lands.
Claret Cup
© 1998 W.D. CHASE

This little flower below is only a short distance from others of its kind.  It is a pioneer of sorts, seeking new territory.


                                      © 1998 W. D. CHASE

 These two huddled close together are so companionable that this picture had to be called, "Found a Friend".  The desert has its own beauty, from vast sweeping panoramas to small flowers and delicate cactus blossoms.

Found a Friend

                                            © 1998 W.D.CHASE


This one room cabin is typical of many "HOMES" built on the 160 acre tracts that were the beginning of the great cattle ranches and farms of the North American West.  A meager beginning, but they were the nurturing cradle of today's western United States.  As dry and forbidding as this scene appears, this site is sheltered by the ridge behind the cabin.  There is a small spring for water nearby and that was considered enough to grow a dream.


                                      © 1998 W.D. CHASE

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