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Mount Garfield is found just to the north and east of Grand Junction Colorado.  It is the eastern most major peak in the Bookcliff Mountains,  the Bookcliffs  are an older range of mountains that run mostly east to west.  See the link below.
It rises to an elevation just above the six thousand foot level. In respect to the local topography it is two thousand feet higher than the floor of the Grand Valley.  It is five thousand feet lower than the top of the Grand Mesa which attains a height of  eleven thousand feet above sea level.   It must be noted that the Grand Mesa deserves the title GRAND by virtue of  it's own merit.  It is the largest flat topped mountain in the world, and lies to the south and the east of Mount Garfield. The Colorado river lies between. The original name given to the Colorado River in the early days was the Grand River.  It was from this name that the valley, the mesa, and the City of Grand Junction received their names.  The first buildings in the city were near the junction of the Gunnison River, and the (Grand ) Colorado River.  More facts about Mount Garfield plus a view of the Bookcliff Mountains can be found through a side trip on this Bookcliff Mountains link. Bookcliff Mountains

All photos on this page Copyright W. D. Chase

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